Back 2 Basics, LLC
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Back 2 Basics, LLC Services
We offer the following independent living training and support using Project Life IL Curriculum.
Services provided for teens:

1.Money management and consumer awareness.
2. Food management 
3. Personal appearance
4.Social skills
8.Educational planning/career planning
9.Job-seeking skills 
10. Job maintenance skills 
11. Emergency and safety skills 
12. Knowledge of community resources
13. Interpersonal skills/social relationships  
14.Legal skills 
15.Leisure activities 
17.....and much more

At Back 2 Basics, LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Education is essential for success, so we offer

1)Academic Tutorial Assistance – Utilizing our community resources Henrico County Schools provide tutorial assistance through the Home Bound Instruction Program once the resident is confined to home study 

2)Vocational Educational Opportunities to include, job skills training, employment assistance (when applicable)

3)Career Exploration/ Entrepreneurship - Using our community resources Capital Area Training Consortium have partnered with us to provide the necessary guidance and counseling to our residents regarding career choices

4)Relationships will continue to be developed and enhanced with teachers, counselors and administrators at the schools the residents attend. Staff will communicate frequently with school personnel to stay informed of resident’s progress and areas that may need attention.